broken camera excuses

I have slept solidly three-quarters of the way through the night exactly twice in the last year, both occurring in the past two weeks.  2:45 AM never looked so good.  I wore a dress that spun so fantastically someone actually videoed me.  In slow motion.  I stayed out past midnight; Twice.  I watched the strawberry moon rise with girlfriends so good, my chest ached from laughing.  I smiled for three continuous and very, glorious hours, each day, for a five period stretch, walking and drinking lattes and chatting with my mom, or Jasper, or another mama while the boys attended camp.  I spent the night in a tent by a lake with four boys squeezed into my sleeping bag.  I swam in the ocean, at every given chance.  And I swear, I swear, joy can be seen bubbling out my ears.

My camera is once again in “needs to be repaired” mode and for some reason that was all the excuse I needed to take a break from this tappity tapping space I have visited regularly for FOUR years.  It came at a worthy time too.  While none of this was planned, during these weeks of absence from blogging, I soaked up energy from people who come here, and read these words, and told me with their actual, real mouths that they felt something when they clicked around on this here blog.  Thanks for that.  My cup is filled, and I am ready and inspired to return.

Now, one last day of chasing sun screened and slippery babies, fending off heartless seagulls,  dusting off sandy sandwiches, and drinking dells lemonade before we head back north where there are to be certain, many, many tasks to attend to.  Can’t wait to see my sweet Lee and all those flowers of mine.  Happy FOURTH EVERYONE!


2 thoughts on “broken camera excuses

  1. Whilst part of me would never wish a broken camera on anyone it really does sound like you’ve had a wonderful time relaxing and recharging so it seems to have been a very sparkly silver lining! And that ice cream looks delicious!

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