the thick of it

So much goodness comes in August.  I am filling up this green with the intensity of a hot air balloon.  There has been lots of swishing legs through high, wet grass and plunking up jewel weed stalks as thick as a sapling.  The pumpkins are thinking about turning orange and the zinnias are sunny and open.  We are devouring tall loaves of bread meant for slicing and slathering with fresh butter and grilled squash.  And of course making room for slipping into ponds and swimming alongside frogs just turned froggy.

IMG_5644 IMG_5642 IMG_5633 IMG_5649 IMG_0554 IMG_0559 IMG_0543 IMG_0535 IMG_0547 IMG_0539 IMG_0557

Last night I was checking on the boys before I crept into bed and I noticed how absolutely long Miles looked.  His feet.  His toes.  His shins.  His hair.  When I realized his body took up a large portion of his bed I choked on the quiet night time air.  In the same moment I thought how exciting this coming year is.  The first September where he is truly of school age.  This first fall where I have two capable boys to explore with.  But for now, I will continue to revel in the thick of a hot and beautiful August.

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