bandana cowl


I am not sure what has happened lately.  But, suddenly I have found myself with a touch of free time to knit. It could be the inspiration from listening to THIS, or it could be the changing leaves, or it could be THIS awesome lady’s instagram feed, or perhaps its just this little silvery blonde boy is teetering around just a bit more, entertaining himself just a bit longer, allowing me to sit and knit.  Whatever it is, I like it.

IMG_5730 IMG_5729 IMG_5728 cowboy cowl

I just cast off this bandana cowl, which I keep lovingly referring to as my cowboy cowl.  I knit it in the gorgeous malabrigo.  When I learned malabrigo is from Uruguay it made me absolutely giddy.  My husband travels there for work occasionally, and yippee!  I will be dropping some hints in the near future for sure, because as we all know, gifts on the return leg of a long trip help to ease the pain of solo parenting.  Come on now, they just do.

I cast on a new shawl the other night and I am so happy to be knitting again!

4 thoughts on “bandana cowl

  1. It is a cute design. I actually just saw a similar pattern the other night while looking for cowl patterns for myself. I settled on a Honey Cowl, but thought the bandanna cowl with the longer dip on the front of the neck was a practical design.

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