the occasional 530AM wake up

Lets see, lets see.  The last few weeks, while I have been absent, our life could be summed up into three categories:  Getting ready for the fair, going to the fair, and talking about the fair.  We entered an astronomical number of things into the days events.  Knitted goods, scarecrows and large vegetables, oh my!  We won a rainbow of ribbons (on the lucky few white ribbons I picked up the judge harshly wrote “dropped stitch!” and “dirty!”…ah its art I say!  With good humor of course) and now we are anxiously awaiting our whopping checks in the mail proving all our winnings.  Let me tell you this little six year old of mine has been through the wringer over this whole shebang.  I can practically see his mind expanding over the weekends events.  There was the fact that he didn’t win any blues, when brother won three.  This was processed many a times.  There was the disappointments of not riding ALL the rides, this was processed so hard we had a letting go ceremony!  There was the hard work involved with producing such fine items, and the courage to step aboard the ferris wheel, and the obsession with engines in heritage hall and the list goes on and on.  It was over the top awesome to see it all go down.  Of course the littler big brother was less enthralled with it all.  I got a square punch to the gut in the thick of it all to let me know.  (A simple, “Mama?  I want to go home.” would have sufficed but what do I know?)  I think for the fours among us, of the taurus variety, we will stick to events with less… people… for the time being.  But the boy raked in some gold with all his colorful artwork let me tell you, making the aftermath seem like all roses and rainbows.  Ill try not to forget.

And now the guests have all headed home, the house is slowly coming back together (SLOWLY!) and we are finding a rhythm to live these autumn days by.  It takes such utter discipline to keep one up with these explosions of energy I share a home with.  It means lots of cajoling and hand holding and demonstrating and and and and and.  And thats where I have been.  Thats where I always am.  Putting out a fire, or staring one.  Singing a song, or joining in on one.  Listening in on a story, or telling one.  Being there.  Sometimes out of necessity, and lots of times out of choice.  And I promise (DAD!), I will still visit this space on the occasional ‘5:30AM my fingers are itching to tap around on this keyboard’ mornings and that I am still writing, in other forms, for other mediums.

IMG_5900 IMG_5898 IMG_5892

For now, I plan to fill as many bags of apples as three little boys can haul into a mini van.  I plan to celebrate my birthday this sunday with solitude and friendship and love.  I plan to soak up the sunshine while it still feels warm on my shoulders.

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