IMG_5872It is hard to believe the last time I held a working (non Iphone) camera in my hand, then sat down on this footstool to write, the sunflowers were blooming.  It is now that time of year in Vermont when the world is a crispy, frozen, crust of waiting.  Sometimes mud, and sometimes snow covered, but always, always waiting.  And when the sun shines at noon you can literally hear all the people turn their cheeks at once to point them at that warm glowing ball we have so missed. Creeeaaaakkkk… ahhhh…  The sound of a statewide noon time sigh.  It is the time of starting fires daily and letting them burn out.  Which is, to be precise, a pain in the neck.  Crocus’s seem to poke their heads up just enough to taunt us, but not high enough to bud or bloom.

But soon.  Soon.

Until then, I leave you with news.   News of budgeting out enough dollars to purchase a new camera (any recommendations?  Something middle of the line for this amateur please), news of a new reader in the house- a thrilling time to be sure, and then there is little matter of exiting a first trimester in a week or two.  Yes!  It is true!  And lo and behold we made a girl.  We found out early, with a new but very non-invasive test, and I am so glad we did.  I mean the knitting people.  THE KNITTING!

I have missed this space so.  Now, please excuse me while I scrape the rust of these fingertips of mine.

11 thoughts on “rusty

  1. Oh my goodness! What joy to see your words again!! A girl! I read that sentence twice. Wow! Happy Everything to you!

  2. I’ve missed your blog and you!!!! Congrats on a girl. So excited for you all. We really need to catch up soon!!!

  3. So very happy to see you’re back 😉 This fills my heart up so…

    And just in time, it was only a week ago We left you, but I was already in need of a dose of you!!!

  4. What a lucky girl (both of you)! All those big brothers to challenge and love her:) I am so happy for you old friend! My daughter has brought joy and and perspective on womanhood for me.

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