A new friend on the farm

IMG_1935IMG_1940Waking up to this fluffy character was the highlight of our day yesterday to be quite sure.  His name was Humphrey, but was quickly changed to Comfrey (after the plant of course).  And the boys have not stopped doting on him since.  While over the next few weeks the magic of owning our very own angora rabbit may wear off for them, it will most certainly not for me.  Little by little I am filling up old containers with tufts of fluff to be spun up and played with accordingly.  Oh, a gift that is good for the whole family.  That is something I do adore.

The parts of the day not spent harassing, I mean loving on Comfrey, were spent in the sunshine riding bikes and hiking and soaking up Vitamin D, before a little late March sugar snow comes down on us tomorrow.


Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “A new friend on the farm

  1. Hooray! You can finally knit, I mean spin/wheel however it is you do it;), from the very source upon your own lap!!!

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