what robins can do

This is the first time I have written a blog post without a picture to distract.  But today its important enough to do so.  I was reminded of all that’s good in this world before the clock struck eight and I wanted to share it.  My camera is almost ready.  Lens has arrived and  body too, just waiting on the memory card and then it will be all color and light.  But for now settle in on this.

An interruption to our morning cup, a surprise he said, and then it was all socks and mittens and pulling on sweaters and finding binoculars.  I lag behind Miles as he leashes up the tiny dog to set out on whatever his six-year-old mind finds fancy with on this frog pond is frozen, over newly laid eggs morning.  The sun always covers the pasture first this time of year.  As I sauntered down the hill with my now cooling cup of joe in hand, baby jasper on my back, I saw my boy’s side by, with their still babyish stubby legs straight on in front of them pointing toward the sun.  Miles binoculars  were almost permanently stuck to his nose with a grin so wide it could have held them up independently.  They picked the very first spot where the shade ended, and the frost line had disappeared, inching its way towards our house in the woods.  I made it to the bottom of the hill trying not to make a sound, as not to interrupt this unusually quiet and serene moment.  Both boys looked up at me and Miles announced, “The pasture is exploding with robins Mama, see?”.  Teary eyed me looked out and nodded in agreement.  Because it certainly was.  Plucking worms from the earth and waving at us with their pinky red belly feathers.  Showing us indeed the world will be splattered with color in a matter of days.  The forecast says so.  And its true damn it.  The crocuses, a new treat for the bunny, are opening up each morning with one or two more to prove its truth.

It’s mid April, the fields are exploding with robins, and there is so much life out there.  

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