spring happenings


With piglets, short sleeves (two full days to be exact) and crocuses; The crowning of spring has arrived.  I mean, if three pictures contained more beauty and cuteness I’d fear I’d faint.   I am basically doing you a favor by only including these for the time being.

Those three little pigs, Sticks, Straw, and Bricks, are a big leap of faith.  Did you know their little snorts sound like the vibration of hummingbird wings?  They do.  And they keep fooling me, as it’s only 9 days away from the day I saw one first last year.  It makes me smile to think I will have their bickering to enjoy very, very soon.  But back to the piglets- This week and next we are keeping them inside the old chicken coop to friendly them up in case of an accidental escape.  I mean something about trying to hunt down and capture a beast that is a couple hundred pounds and afraid of you is incredibly daunting.  So, while I am hoping that this event will never occur in the first place, I prefer the scenario where they pleasantly saunter back to me with my bucket of grain and are calmly led back to the newly mended fenced in area.  So.  Wish me luck.



One thought on “spring happenings

  1. We had a pet pig twice as kids! It lived in house & yard like our dogs. They are so smart, can figure everything out so be forewarned!! They are fantastic pets! I hope you & your family enjoy these guys.
    After having them as pets & seeing how loving & smart they are, I never ate pork!
    Love, cousin Missy

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