never walk your rabbit after it rains and other spring time advice

Walking your Angora rabbit after it rains is wrong. He will end up filthy and well, that is just sad. Lucky for him he got the full treatment after such a catastrophic morning and ended up inspiring some artistic pillow making that will appear at the worlds fair this year. Which, if you didn’t know, is sort of the focus of our life. I mean come on. You get ribbons and cash. Who doesn’t love that?

On another note, bandanas! These long-haired boys required a bit of decor for their domes and I think the result is as cute as it is useful. Who knows how long this phase of loving their locks long will last really, but I think they look quite handsome.

We introduced our pigs to the electric fence this past weekend and it the event was not lacking in some serious giggles. Pigs are so noisy and dramatic. Between the actual shocks (sorry piggies), and the joy of greeting the outdoors for the first time, they were truly hilarious to watch. Sticks, Straw, and Bricks will be as tasty as they are enjoyable to own I am sure. So, I suppose this isn’t really advice, just a bit of information for anyone thinking about owning pigs. They are great fun (so far).

My final tidbit of information for the moment is summed up quite nicely in this video. This carry has changed the shape of my days! As this belly of mine is growing SO rapidly, I felt that I couldn’t carry Jasper on my back comfortably anymore due to the pressure of the hip straps on my Tula, and that just wasn’t conducive to our lives!Betw the ramp and fiddlehead hunting, the walks in the woods, the chores, all these things require moving your legs and well… this one and half year old does it at his own pace, as they tend to do. So with that I turned to the Babywearers of Central Vermont on Facebook, (such a helpful group!) and they didn’t steer me wrong.


6 thoughts on “never walk your rabbit after it rains and other spring time advice

  1. What a special talent you have with your writing. Informative and humorous! Always makes me think and smile. Thank you.

  2. Okay, perhaps I am just remembering a nightmare or a trick a certain older brother played on me as a small rabbit-owning child BUT aren’t rabbits not supposed to get wet? As in, can’t rabbits die if they get wet, really wet, behind their ears? I know this sounds highly ridiculous but I always thought it was true!

    • YES! I should have mentioned it was not raining hard, kinda just sprinkling.. he more was damp on the belly and covered in wet leaves. But I believe they can die easily of an ear infection, which i suppose those big old ears of theirs are quite vulnerable!

    • Yup, we are not vegetarians. And as far as poor pigs go, they lucked out on that lottery! We feel that this is the most humane way to eat. It is both sustainable and just.

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