holding their own

These boys hold their own.  They manage their day in a way that surpasses my expectations.  A mix of planning and living in the moment.  Yesterday, we went for a routine ultrasound (its still a girl!), and the way they behaved was unprecedented from my experience thus far.  I mean they behaved, in two tiny square feet of space, in a dark ultrasound room, all the while calming a very nervous baby brother.  This, was a change.  A change I welcome with open arms!  And now I am noticing all the changes that have happened while I was busy surviving.  They do dishes!  Miles has grown two inches since December!  They bake and sell things!  They solve problems!

And thank goodness too, because I need all the help I can get.


One thought on “holding their own

  1. Lovely! I had a moment like this today too – my kids on the floor making happy mother’s day cards for grandmothers…quiet…listening to music…it was like – wow – they’re doing stuff on their own!

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