Mondays are baking days.  Well usually so are Wednesdays, to be followed by the boys famous Monarch Hill Items sale…  but Mondays, they are intentional and required for the coming week of sometimes hurried eating, or into the back pack lunching.  I usually make a few loaves and/or a batch of granola to last the week.  The boys will elbow in on the process now and then, and the results are always exciting and messy.  It usually surprises me how much “learning” is really done while baking.  I took home ec. in high school, and embarrassingly enough, I don’t think I understood fractions until that very class.  It is just so simple to understand when you are seeing and pouring and tasting with your own two hands.  I, for one, am all about counting this Monday lesson as nothing less than a complete day of homeschooling.  One which ends in full bellies, and satisfied souls to boot.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  And so now, with the work of another messy Monday behind us, we have a busy Tuesday to pack for.  Fishing is on the menu, and I am very, very nervous.  Something about wrangling three boys, with fish on sharp hooks, boxes full of tackle, lunches, and an unbalanced me is just humorously terrifying.  With that, I will need you to wish me luck!

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