thanks to the cat bird

The rattling of the pigs door, a rooster, and then finally the yelp of a cat bird coaxed me out of bed this morning.  It was a slumber I was glad to leave, it has been far too long since I have under slept my family.  It seems the first trimester lingered longer than I expected, and sadly the second trimester joys seem to be quickly dissipating as this fourth baby is growing at an alarming rate, wearing me out by three o’ clock already.  Or maybe that is the three boys I am chasing, or the ginormous gardens I am tending.  Most likely a combination of it all.

Anyways, I grabbed my camera and made a cup of heart burn, I mean coffee, and for the first time this year wandered the garden, soaking up the morning dew on the hem of pajama pants, to be squeezed out on my eyes this afternoon when I need a reminder of calm.  Hummingbirds were darting around my forehead, clearly not use to the large blockade so early in the morning.  That crazy cat bird was maniacally cawing from the finally blooming lilac.  Even the neighbors were up and getting to it, farm work starts early and ends late this time of year.  Not even six and the world is bustling up here on the hill.


Yesterday I got some of my newly hardened transplants in the ground, and all my house plants out to their summer homes.  The front pasture garden is large, but not unmanageable this year.  The paths are big enough to mow through and cut down on the amount I can plant by half, which is likely, exactly what I can handle.  Three more rows to be planted and spring sowing is complete.  Learning to garden has been one of the most satisfying things I have done in this life.  Of course, I am just beginning and even that knowledge is rewarding.  There is so much to know and try!

My tulips survived the early onslaught by some unruly chickens and have finally made a full recovery.  Allium, narcissus, and iris are all about to show their silky colorful faces too.  All that fall believing is paying off now.  Plant sales are hefty this coming weekend, hopefully I can keep my cool and get a few little nudges from inside reminding me to take it slow and steady.

How is spring in your garden?


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