When I take my body far enough away from my house to not be able to sneak back inside for a load of laundry or round of dishes, something magical happens.  I start to not care about the chores left behind.  I tend to forget them all together.  I realize what is important.  And it is not tidying, or belongings, or anything at all really, except those sweet slimming cheeks, pudgy wrists, pretend restaurants, sparkly water,  marsh marigolds, river stones, muddy tracks, and a dog with the best life ever.


I heard on NPR the other day that they are finding that 20 minutes outdoors reduces symptoms of ADHD more than the strongest drugs available.  This was exceptional to me.  Not because I have children who struggle, but for myself.  Really, this information seemed more valuable to me.  I thought about how each time my skin began to crawl with the frustration of a living room full of random belongings, or a months worth of laundry piled up around my bed (my sanctuary? ha!), or a sticky table full of collage leftovers, it truly feels like I have two choices.  Stay inside, keep my head down, be short with everyone and clean- OR – take a walk outdoors with these ferrel animals I reside with and take a deep, deep breath.  Stronger than medicine. When I can see this clearly, those are the lucky days.

Besides we wouldn’t be eating mint ice cream this weekend if I hadn’t joined them on their adventure now would we?  


Nothing like a field of wild mint to renew your senses.  

4 thoughts on “choices

  1. Great thoughts – I totally agree! Yes, there is a time for chores (and I have a bit of OCD when it comes to cleaning), but getting outside is good for the mind and body. We don’t have wild mint, but our garden patch has been thriving for a couple weeks now. Mint “milkshakes” have become our newest treat – raw milk (trying to use as much of the cream off the top as possible), a glug of maple syrup, several handfuls of fresh mint leaves, and a couple ice cubes. Throw it all in the blender and you might not even notice that there isn’t any ice cream in it!

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