knitting, pie, and tiny gifts

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeeing as we are on week two of using the Laundromat in leu of the not one, but two, broken washing machines in the basement, I am so grateful for super wash yarn.  I normally stray away from the over processed (yet squishy and useful) stuff, as I listened to an episode of Woolful  about a year ago that made me think twice.  But, alas, with baby number four coming into the scene and the clear and obvious knowledge of how intensely messy they all get, I thought better of it.  I got the pattern from the book Sweet Pickles, a book chock full of crazy adorable knits for kids and babies.  The sizes range from newborn to 12, which I love!  I am actually about to cast on a sweater sized 10 for Miles, which puts me into a state of shock.  Of course, it will be far too big for him, but for an almost seven year old, I couldn’t fathom making a size 8 (the next size down).  So 10 it is.

Jasper ended up being my model for the little onesie, and a quick modeling opportunity it was.  His twirls were so dramatic and intense, pictures were only an afterthought to the production.  I still need to add buttons, but I am happy with the results.  It will fit a little winter baby next year just fine.  And did you notice the little mitts and booties that flip over to make cuffs?  My favorite detail for sure.

As for the strawberry rhubarb pie, it was demolished in a day.  And the little sweet face in the bottom with yet another “arrangement” for mama, he melts my heart.  This one seems to be turning a corner, one that indicates five with his every fiber.

Off to strawberry picking!  Both wild and cultivated!  Should be delicious indeed.

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