Fishing is the obsession around these parts.  Nets in the stream, sinking a line into the lake, tossing it out into the river, doesn’t matter- so long as the chase is the same.  They practice casting in the driveway, clean out their tackle boxes daily, have deep discussions of their different lures, and reminisce about fish once caught constantly.  These boys have it bad.  They just can’t get enough.

Mama on the other hand… well I tire of it pretty quick.  Chasing a toddler around, untangling lines, having to lend a consistent hand in de hooking, these are not my favorite things.  And last week, it was cold!  I can promise you the last thing I felt like doing was packing a picnic and sitting for hours in the rough wind on the lake while these two caught teeny tiny perch and sunfish.  We went.  Not without dragging my heels and pleading for alternatives of course, but we went.  Thank goodness, it ended up quite fun, because now I can chalk off my grown up tantrum as a good lesson- an example for the future.  I love having a story of “Remember when…” to help my kids through a rough patch.  It is a good reminder for me too!

The weather has returned to spring/summer like conditions now and its off to wet our lines.  I’ll bring my knitting of course, and lots of snacks for the littlest member of our crew, but this time with the sun on my back and plenty of projects in my knitting bag, I won’t put up a fight.

3 thoughts on “fishing

  1. Despite that fact that no one in her family fishes and she has never actually done it, my little babe loves “fishing” with pine branches whenever we’re near a lake or stream. I think in Maine this year she’ll have a chance to try the real thing, though it might not be as fun as what she thinks. (In real life, you don’t always catch one!)

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