framing with shells


With the oldest boy of the batch away each day at camp, the two littler ones and I are searching for things to do.  Despite a very busy day, we still had a couple of hours to do so yesterday.  It really surprises me how much one child absent can change the dynamics of the day.

We gathered these mussel shells on our trip to Maine, while picnicking on a tiny island.  I didn’t know their intentions at the time, but now I am so glad I did this.  It felt like a very touristy thing to do, but I suppose being in Vermont for a few years now, that is precisely what I am.  A tourist to the ocean!  It is kind of spectacular though, as I have new eyes for the sparkly vastness.

We coated an old frame in plaster of paris, set these little blue jewels in, then when it dried we painted it with water colors.  Picking out a moment to capture inside this rainbow will be delightful.


Any interesting summer crafting going on at your place?  

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