Every now and then I get a burst of energy that is directed precisely and accurately towards making.  Making anything.  Sometimes it includes instant gratification, sometimes it is beginning a long-term craft.  No matter the project, cleaning and weeding are set aside for some time.  Inspired by the fact that I have nothing that fits and a large chunk of time left of this pregnancy, I began sewing last week.  I have made two skirts and two shirts and the results are fantastic, as far as I am concerned!  I mean they fit, what is to complain about?  I never measure, I rarely follow a pattern, and I almost always use old clothes or miscellaneous fabric.  It is satisfying to know it cost me little to nothing, and going from nothing to wear to a complete outfit in less than an hour is spectacular!  I wish I had better pictures but of course, I am the one behind the lens most times and it just hasn’t happened.


On my needles is the Camilla blanket and it’s almost off too!  And the flowers drying are getting ready for dye pots, tea’s, tinctures, and salves.  None of these projects take more than a few minutes here and there really, but the results give me a peace of mind, and a sense of accomplishment.

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