baby stuff

Our first baby (Mo Mo the cat), and our last two.


The first week solo is going better than I could have anticipated.  No disasters (knocking on wood!), no public humiliation (you know the possibilities I am talking about… three boys gone mad in a grocery store and a screaming new-born… for instance?), not even any large sibling disputes!  Little sleep, but that is nothing new, and lots of dishes and laundry but goodness, what else can you expect?

I would have to say the highlights have been the bigger boys independence and obsession with the wood shop.  They are out there before breakfast and are “closing down the shop” after dark each day and its pretty cute.  I am not entirely sure what they are doing out there but I am sure they are enjoying themselves.  The littlest boy is so dear to the baby it melts me.  Every morning when he realizes he is cuddled near a sweet little cherub he announces “OH! Hi cute baby!  Pretty hair, awwwww!” and we giggle and smile with our eyes still sealed shut.  And one other little thing that is topping the list of favorites this week, is dressing up my little girl Willow.  Oh the frills and poofs and dresses and shoes.  I am trying to be reasonable, and focus on cozy, but I promise you it is work because (wo)man, these clothes are cute.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThank you Chris and Lauren for the amazing bin of clothes from Summer!  I remember them all on her very well and these booties are amazing!

2 thoughts on “baby stuff

  1. It’s so wonderful to visit your blog and find photos of your new baby girl!! Congrats to you all!!! I’m so glad you had such a wonderful birth experience. Your description of being present enough to remember touched me so deeply. She is beautiful and your boys look so big with her. I also have three boys and then a little girl. : ) Prepare to become the “other woman” in your husband’s life. Lol!! It’s a beautiful thing!! xo

    ~ Wendy

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