tears and such

I’m giving thanks for good warm clothes these days-  For the proper gear to cover up when the wind is howling, and it’s snowing sideways and the outdoors feels quite wild and unruly.  The patches have been flying on trying to keep hold on to those precious items for just a bit more.  Fingertips of gloves, knees of course, and so many tears in snow pants up the backside for a certain five-year old who can’t seem to stop getting “stuck” in a tree by the seat of his pants… hmmm….  This drama often ends in tears and laughter and always a brand new zig zag stitch.  This is one pair of snow pants that will not be receiving the honors of being passed down.


I am grateful for these clothes, yes, and even more so for neighbors who are ready and willing to help take these suited up boys skiing on a blustery, powder day.  I am literally surrounded by fantastic people.  A girlfriend of mine jokingly asked how many neighbors I have because I seem to refer to everyone as my neighbor!  Seems like a funny thing to do when we actually live so rural we can hardly see a house from ours.  But, we do know all our “neighbors” and appreciate their presence in our lives on the daily.  A beautiful thing- this small town life.

When the boys and girl and I are not braving the weather, we are diligently plotting the next season.  I do so love dreaming of wispy, spring, color and fresh, spicy, greens in the thickness of the monochromatic world of winter.


And one last note- daylight savings saved my sanity!  Yippee for later suppers and romps in the woods afterwards before the moon becomes our night-light!

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