energy expenditure

We awoke to another few inches of snow this morning.  With foggy eyes, confused and squinting, trying to recal the previous days snow melt then not being able to do the math, I stood at the window awhile.  I saw juncos startling under the plops of snow the maple trees deposited atop our feeders.  I saw them waste not a single ounce of energy, only moving far enough way to escape the bird sized avalanche.  I saw the blue jay swoop in with an arrogance and brashness I could relate to- my morning latte requires the same level of fury.  I laughed at myself and popped an extra vitamin D.  I need it desperately, just to keep up.


The boys have long been outside now- as ignorant to the missing spring as the birds seem  to be.  I am one hand-typing trying to recall a moment from the week where I felt our distant star and the warmth she gave me.


We will walk.  We will notice the beauty in what is, what must be, the last snow for the season.  It is the minimal I am sure- giving precisely the amount of energy expenditure required for survival.  Over and out.


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