foot loose

A first game of Tball can go many ways.  The mass confusion, the wild excitement, the expectations… they can be a recipe for a really delectable dessert just as easily as a meal of rotten eggs.  Oh sweet five and six year olds, they have an uncanny way of being absolutely unpredictable.  Last night, a whole crew of them served up a tray full of melt-in-your-mouth, fresh out the oven chocolate chip cookies, for every face on that field that was plastered with a giant smile.  These boys and girls were literally dancing on the field.  When I told Rowan how much I liked his moves after the game he scowled at me.  He had no knowledge of his fancy footwork at first base.  None at all.  Miles reassured him (and he was in the position to do so I may add, as the official “third coach”) that there was nothing to worry about, everyone was doing it.  And he was right, those kids were all so happy and excited you could tell in every fiber of their being.  It was like a bit of the full body baby laugh that everyone loves, spilling over into childhood.  It just came bubbling out.  I always hear the phrase, “My kids teach me more than I teach them”, and last night I learned so much.


My boy, just dancing on the field, having the time of his life.  My heart is so full.


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