giving it another go


When I was a kid and lived by the ocean, nothing could beat starting the day with a run to the salty cove for a dip.  I would go alone often, and sometimes meet friends – All of us knowing in our souls the beauty of wet sand sending ripples of light in perfect circles around our sneakers, the importance of seagulls and crashing waves touching our ears before any other sound- the magic that is immersing your whole body under a salty body of water before a regular day begins.  Then I trotted off home to change into my school clothes, showering when I felt it necessary, but mostly keeping the salt on my skin to remind me of how good it all really is.

Running is like that.  It takes you farther, earlier, quieter, than you could or would be otherwise.  I imagine it to be a battle of synapses inside your brain.  Some telling your legs to stop, and others insisting you just keep going, and some demanding you even to go faster.   It has been a long, long time since I felt the rush of it all on a regular basis.  Injuries and babies and shoulds standing in my way.  I have ushered these roadblocks aside and made way for the whole thing lately.  And this morning I am off to my first race in five years.

I have heard it is spectacularly beautiful- this course.  I have heard it is crazy hard too.  I am up for it.

These pictures have nothing to do with this post.  Our game cam captured some critters that rise even earlier than I, and some gorgeous tulips from my Mama’s garden just because they are peach and blooming.  Hopefully I have a good one of a grinning me after finishing this 10K for next week!




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