a sweet six year old


Owl pellet dissection, blown eggs containing clues to a fantastic scavenger hunt, and paper airplane decorating/throwing tradition made for a sweet and memorable sixth birthday party.  I couldn’t help but reminiscing the caution (bordering on fear) for last years celebration.  This boys ill ease in a crowd prompted the beginning of the drop off party, a much-needed and well-loved change turns out.  It also turns out that this style of kids birthday party is so, so much easier for us than the invite a whole bunch of kids and their parents over, feel pressure to clean and serve beers and nice meals, and your kids just want your attention but you can’t give it to them, variety.



And I tell you this six year old dazzles me.  I cut no less than five inches of platinum blonde off this boy the day before his actual birthday.  I wiped off his very dirty face, and cleaned his almost embarrassingly dirty ears, and what was underneath shocked me to tears.  He is a beautiful, charming, and compassionate little boy, whom I am so lucky to call my son.


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