dairy queen


In the words of my awesome cow-lending-neighbor, “Be the alpha cow!”.

Yes, turns out by tying up the old lady’s head a bit higher and pumping my lungs with a bit of confidence, the milk is coming easy and without kicks.  Now, in addition to some seriously content and fast growing milk-fed pigs, there are six of us humans who are also undoubtedly satisfied with this jerseys high butterfat content and the products we are churning out with it.  (Punny!!).  Each milking I am scooping off the previous milkings cream, so thick its like yogurt, into a mason jar and then every few days I am turning that golden liquid into the sweetest butter you have ever imagined.  You can actually taste the spring time goodness, I swear.  I have tried my hand at ricotta and tomorrow I will make a favorite, cranberry ricotta cake, for a new mama of three.  I am quite sure that recipe will have to be doubled.   I have creme fraiche on the docket among other imaginings…  But most importantly it’s the butter.  The butter and the lattes.  They really go hand in hand as nothing foams up better than skimmed milk- and with a thick slab butter on toast to go with it you can’t go wrong.

Watch this for some serious butter making-

And finally here is a yummy recipe that I thought was worth sharing.  If you don’t grow sorrel (the green not the cow) you may like to.  It is so easy and is the first thing popping up when the snow melts.  It’s a lettuce so thick that it quenches your thirst and its strong lemon flavor is an asset to everything from soup to sauce to salad.  Hopefully you can get your hands on some soon!  The wild variety would likely do fine in this recipe too, though I haven’t tried it.

Double sorrel sauce

Chop down a patch of sorrel (about four cups)- wash then saute with a diced onion or shallot.  Mix in about a cup of fresh cream and simmer for a minute or two.  Puree and pour generously on fish, chicken, boiled potatoes or anything else that needs a lemon-y spring drizzle.

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