above freezing


Oh my yes, this little gnome was the balm for our souls this long weekend.  Needle felting, reading, fort building, 4h meetings and everything in between kept us busy during this incredibly cold weekend.  Of course, these activities were scattered amongst this slow moving virus as it makes its way trough our house one person at a time.  Painful.  We are hoping the warmer weather this week will allow this sickness to take a bow and exit.



So with the suns first light we did this.  A snowshoe through the VERY deep snow with a real cute little pup chasing our every step.  Even she had a case of cabin fever it seems.  My boys were troopers because we may have gone juuuust a bit too far.  No complaints though, just lots of pauses and a bit of “hot-co-coa” chanting brought us home.  Thank goodness too because I needed it. I needed to move my body and feel my lungs and hear my children’s laughter.  I needed a bit of success.

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