slow change

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor a brief moment in time it was almost spring.  We saw the wet earth and heard the sound of sweet sap pinging into metal.  We boiled and we splashed and I allowed myself to be hopeful.  Oh what a rookie move.  It is, after all, not even St. Patrick’s day, a day in which I have been told to allow that feeling of hope (and only the feeling mind you) to roll in and to start looking.

Ah, but though there may be feet of snow covering all I see, I know it is coming.  I have seen geese and robins.  I have heard the “Ko-ka-REEEEE!” of the red winged black bird.  I even saw green, fuzzy, mullein on a warm day.

We witnessed one of our favorite “home school lessons” for the second (non-human) time.  This calf was a boy, always a slightly disappointing moment, but beautiful none the less.  Yesterday we went back up to the barn to let the big boys roll their new toy cars through the hay loft and our awesome neighbor let Willow named a heifer calf.  He claimed it would be fun to tease her in ten years about her sweet little name choice as a one year old.  “Diya” is her name.  For those of you who don’t speak new englander baby  it translates to “here”.  But it also is the name of a tear dropped shaped candle holder used in Hindi celebrations.  Strangely we made them out of clay recently, so it all felt very full circle.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe snow has returned, twice over, as it has for most of New England.  All three boys are quite smitten over it quite honestly, so it’s not tearing at my soul (yet).  And of course more time by the woodstove waiting on bread to rise with a knitting project staring me down, as I wrangle a crazy one year old, is not a bad way to spend your day whatsoever.  I mean that smile…. those rosy cheeks… and dresses!  Oh yes, I will not pretend I am not completely in love with dressing up a little girl.  Becuase that would just be a downright lie.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor those of you who like captions, these dolls have just recieved a loving toddler bath only to be handled with the same painty hands. And above, Jasper is asking Willow, “Would you like surgery?” which Willow is enthusiastically lying down for while vigorously shaking her head yes.  Strange, strange babies.  I mean look at his facial expression.  Not a surgeon I would go to.  (CRAZY!!! but cute:)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaple muffins.  Always a luxurious use of the golden syrup.  But this time of year I give myself permission in order to use up last years batch and make room for the latest.  The bread is Julia’s white bread with a tablespoon of turmeric added in.  Such a great recipe.  All that butter makes it incredibly soft and smooth.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAh, babies in snow suits, I will miss the marshmallow look with all my heart.  That is guaranteed.

2 thoughts on “slow change

  1. Such a wonderful treat to read about your days and to see your photos. Three of my four grandchildren are young adults, and one is 9 years old. I miss the baby days, but I love the conversations and sharing of ideas i’m experiencing with all of them at this stage too.

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