a birthday boy

Four years ago I was noshing on blueberry crostata, waiting out intermittent contractions and the arrival of our incredibly sweet Jasper!  Oh my how time flies.  But, life without Jasper?  Did it ever exist?  He is just the most personable kind little soul.  And while he is a screamer, no doubt, we couldn’t love him more.  It’s entirely impossible.  Last night as we were falling off to sleep he whispered to me, “When my head tells my heart its time, and then it is morning, I will be four.”  I am not entirely sure what this means but its poetic and makes me smile and I want to remember it always.

I can’t wait to document todays events and try to post some pictures of his special day here.   I seem to have invited everyone I have seen the last 24 hours to eat cake in honor of our boy tonight.  So, with a borrowed sheet cake pan, and a lot of eggs and sugar I hope to please the neighborhood, and our little Jasper Ray too.  In the meantime, this is what we have been up to.  We made a hexagonal picnic table and then painted our bodies, driveway and the table too!  Our garden is tall and weedy and full of little delights to enjoy.  Summer is treating us so very well.


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