lower the bar

Keeping up the fire, properly washing hands,  putting warm socks on little feet, and providing ample provisions are the only necessary tasks to keep our day running smooth.  A presence of mind and body is really what it takes.  This in itself is exhausting and at once worthwhile without a doubt.  The standard for a great day is low and simple  here and I am grateful for perspective and time to be able to see this.  I don’t fail to notice the luxury of a warm house, and the ability to fill my cupboard.  Ice on the insides of our windowpanes, and car doors that freeze closed make it easy to remember that it is safe and warm inside, and for that we are lucky.

It is too cold to go outside, or maybe a more ambitious me would disagree, but so be it.  I am in, and my back is warming by the fire as I type this.  My daughter painted her first person, “It is Row-ey,” she announced proudly, her nickname for our sweetie Rowan.  My big boys are braving the temperatures and drove off over the crunchy driveway with our neighbor to the ski hill.  And Jasper is kneeling by the fire with his best friend, cuddled on a sheepskin drawing race cars and playing make believe with markers.  A snapshot in a simple day that is not a failure and is not a waste of time.  Nothing in particular was accomplished in the view of the wide world, not a load of laundry done, not a bill paid, not a lesson administered.  But we ate dozens of peanut butter oatmeal balls, and drank our weight in maple steamy’s.  Our bar is low, and my goddess it feels good.


4 thoughts on “lower the bar

  1. Love this! A reminder to simplicity. I was just thinking today how nice it is not to be busy for the sake of being busy.

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