cold nose warm bread


This seeded sourdough, soft and nutty with thick slabs of butter, and a mug of steaming maple milk or hot coffee respectively, after a long walk in the freezing temperatures is a mini version of heaven for each of us.  I am tempted to say this here is the very best loaf I have ever had the pleasure to create.  I feel that I finally can form a loaf just so- in order to slash a better score, I understand when to feed the starter and when to make the bread, and I think the steaming system that works for my oven is finally as close to perfection as a home baker can create.  Oh my, I am knuckle deep in dough these days and I think we are all okay with it.


Now if only Lee could get a move on that bread oven.  You can see its beginnings in the front of the house near the garage.  This spring can’t come fast enough and the weather will be right for laying bricks again.  And with that I believe he is currently signing the paperwork for a helper in which to make the work go quicker.  Yes, not to steal the thunder of these two adorably crusty loaves, but we are almost the proud owners of a tractor!  Look out springtime, the six of us have work to do.  But for now, our days can stay slow and our bellies full of warm bread.

One thought on “cold nose warm bread

  1. You disappeared off fb! I don’t have your home #. Call /email me. Trying to plan a visit this summer. 🙂 one where we can actually hang out- all of us!!

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