Im a runner. Im a knitter.  Im a embroidering song lyrics-er.  Im a wife and a mama of two boys.  Im an obsessive baker. I am passionately in love with the ocean and my family.  This spot is dedicated to keeping track of the things we do and to being mindful of staying true (to a peaceful and joyful life!)

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow…what an absolutely lovely blog! I feel inspired to spend more time in my kitchen and more time crafting. I hope our families can get to know each other better! I’m sorry we won’t be around this weekend. I assume this weekend is the one you needed in terms of babysitting for your chicks.

    • glad you like it!! we needed “chick sitting” the following weekend actually…but we have not heard any word on when we will be getting our little ones so i am starting to think of plan b…. but thank you so much for the offer!

  2. I have a request for your blog and I am not sure where to write this so here goes: Could you possibly change your font? It is somewhat hard to read for my aged eyes. Thank you for the consideration on this. I enjoy reading here but it is becoming a bit difficult 🙂 Have a beautiful day!

    • Hi Janet! I am so sorry to hear this! Something you could try (and let me know if it works!) is enlarging the type on your screen. Its different for a pc or a mac but here are the instructions.

      and for a mac-http://www.macworld.com/article/2026699/stop-squinting-make-text-bigger-in-os-x.html

      This should help you, and if it doesn’t please let me know! I know the last background i chose with the balloons drove a lot of people crazy so I am willing to help for sure:)

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