gone country

Whew!  What a perfect weekend. Farmers markets, beautiful parks and good meals, what else could you ask for really? 

When dining with some friends, that is right I said friends, at our new abode out here in the country this past weekend, we finally got the chance to really revel in our new-found location.  Although hesitant about the distance away, our visitors arrived and with only a few moments of basking in the night sky listening to not much of anything but a dove or a distant car, I believe they could see the true and honest draw to live out here where we do.  A little spaghetti carbonara, a gorgeous loaf of bread purchased at the farmers market (put anything I have ever made to absolute shame), a roasted beet salad, strawberry pandowdy and a lot of laughs, I felt like we were home.  Really home.

Aside from our wild social life our major plans were to build a chicken coop.  Oh yes, a coop.  For our chickens!  We will be getting the babes in a matter of weeks and have almost finished construction of their new home.

Building something with your husband is definitely a bonding experience.  Well that is one way to put it I suppose.  I never realized the preconceived notions I had so clearly engraved in my mind about the ever so specific chicken coop I planned.  What?  Those girls have a lot of tough work ahead of them and I want them to feel very comfortable?  Well, after I let go of the idea that only I would be building such a structure and let my very handy husband go at it, the project moved along quite swiftly.  I cannot wait to dip those brushes in the blues and yellows we mixed up this week.  With the help of some little boys of course.  Now to pick out a name for that hen-house…

To top all other notions that indeed we are turning into hicks and pretty much loving it I had to included this photograph.  This outfit says it all.  Does it not?