tiny shoes

IMG_4255 IMG_4254

Impossibly tiny shoes for some impossibly tiny feet.  My little Soleil is just about here.  Any day now I will be an auntie once again.  I have been a non stop a crafting for this little one.  She is entering the world at just the right time for an auntie in the mood to create I guess.  There is a sizable stack for this sweet baby forming beside my new best friend.


You know, my sewing machine!  My sweet man surprised me with this beauty a few weeks ago and I am happily in love.  With the giver and the gift!  It is such a joy to have both a zig and a zag function!  Though I should say these tiny shoes took nothing but my own dexterity to complete.  They were so fun!  It was a simplicity pattern with my own embroidery skills for good measure.  I can see lots of these little felted booties in the future.

IMG_3566 IMG_3561

Sitting on this porch, with this view, stitching something up for my niece with a nice big old glass of strawberry ginger kombucha in hand.  Vermont is treating me just fine.