the painter man

Well first and foremost my blonde beauty looks like bob ross in training in his tiny apron (minus the fro), does he not?  Actually, much much cuter I should say.  We had quite the time my very, very two year old and I yesterday.  A nap refusal and a few teeth coming through made for a relaxing breakfast and lunch, followed by the stand off of the year.  Miles vs. Mama and the nap.  Miles won triumphantly despite my stories, back rubs, and pleads.  With that being said he was good and tired for bedtime and gave us no trouble at all.  While most of the day could be considored somewhat a challenging one, the painting portion proved to be quite the remedy for such a tricky morning.

Doesn’t a canvas make all the difference in a child’s work of art?  The very same finger painting on construction paper would just be something to hang on the fridge for a few days but on canvas…now thats wall worthy.  And who doesn’t feel special holding fabric stretched over wood to paint on?  I mean its down right fancy.  (and they were on sale)

The finger paints are a cinch.  You just toss about a handful of cornstarch, about a teaspoon of alum and about 1.5 cups of water into a pot and boil for a few minutes.  It will get good and pasty.  When it cools down you can add any dye of your choice!  I would have liked to do something….a little more natural but evil red 40 and ruthless yellow 5 were more convienent (especially on this type of day).  Miles loved mixing the colors.

We fixed up the the autumn shades, tied on the apron and headed outside.  

Things went with out a hitch until distractions came into play.

But, they added quite the flare though I should say.

Until finally the masterpiece was complete.  

What a day.  What a boy.