book cubby with vintage charm

I recently acquired a giant bag full old and new hankies alike.  There were tiny ones, floral prints, tatted edges, and some were even painstakingly embroidered.   I have thought, pinned, and researched options for these beautiful squares and there are quite a plethora of options.  But, on a whim, and with my own little imagination hard at work I decided to showcase a couple on a book cubby for my boys.  It is made with a sturdy muslin and of course hankies!  Super simple, I think you can tell just by the pictures how it is done.  This kind of minimalist book cubby is for current favorites to be easily accessible.  Or, if you wanted to would be a nice storage spot for illusive library books.  (Why is it that they are SO hard to keep track of?)

Thanks goes to my sweet Nana for the vintage inspiration.