built in down time… The Sparkle Story

Many many, (many, many, many, many times fourteen) early mornings at the grandparents required (and I mean REQUIRED) some, well maybe a lot, of television watching.  And by early I mean oh… four thirty?  And this is after each night looking like I had new-born twins.  Those boys are little creatures of habit, and while they had a lovely time, surely did not enjoy being so far from their beds here at home.

I assumed the tv detox would be difficult, if not down right annoying.  I thought perhaps, I would cave and add the few bucks to our bill allowing me to freely turn on the tube in the morning, do some chores, drink some joe.  But, once again, my boys proved otherwise.

Two days in, and not a mention of the missing piece has been uttered.  Well, there has been some extreme re inaction of a certain super reader, but honestly its pretty darn cute.  I will say, there has been a quadrupling in outside time, making any down time nearly non-existent.

Despite the outdoor times, and the rediscovery of all their toys, there has been a few moments of exhaustion or required quiet time.  Isn’t there always?  Here in this house, we deal with this in one of two ways; lots of books, or a sparkle story.


A sparkle story?  What in tarnation is this?, you may ask.  Well, I will tell you.  It is a Friday morning ritual.  We subscribe to At Home With Martin and Sylvia, a 20 minute tale of two siblings doing ordinary things that is oh-so intriguing for my boys.  It is comforting and relaxing and I get to knit.  The stories are sent to my inbox every Friday and can be revisited any time.  I pay seven small buckaroos for this amazing service but it is worth so much more.

My boys are learning to be still, to use their imagination, to create a story in their own little minds.  And of equal importance, I get a twenty minute rejuvenation period.  Very worthwhile, I assure you.


Check it out!  It doesn’t matter the age of your little ones, they seem to have something for everyone.  Join us this Friday, see what its all about.

The choice is yours



Perhaps the lack of television is an asset during an election year or perhaps it is detrimental. Reading a few articles, listening to NPR and the debates and of course the social media links and advice that I am enlightened with daily feel adequate to me to be fully informed on my vote.  I know which issues I value regardless of being hammered with other fogging ideas.  I am not sick of the election.  I do not feel bombarded with propaganda and intimidating messages.  I just feel the excitement and hope that comes with the chance to voice my opinion.

While I miss jeopardy on some lonely evenings… (woah.  that sounds SO very sad), I still suggest this method of selective hearing.  Turn off your television if you don’t like what you see.  Just do it already.  My mind is clear and open to real live learning.  I am not fed a thing.

Ok, it is true I WILL miss the red and blue color coded country tonight.  But just like the previous election year, I will be glued to the radio, knitting in lap, with an otherwise quiet house, when the President is announced.

My point is this – When you vote this year, take a good look at all you vote for everyday.  The food you eat, the businesses you support, the clothes you wear, the car you drive.  All of it.  All of it matters.  It is not always the easy road, it often has a learning curve, but it always feels good.  I am not saying that a lack of television is either good nor bad, I am simply putting forth my vote by not having one.  This form of media is not suitable for me and my family, so I vote no.  There are so very many choices we make daily.  Whether you are mindful about each of them is up to you.  If you choose the road less traveled, you will receive criticism regardless of which direction you go.  But, with this path, I am sure you will agree, the benefits come large.  The pride in the knowledge that you are making a choice rather than unconsciously following the norm is something to strive for.

Choose with the ferocity of Mayflower

So, be the winner red or blue, I hope today when you cast your vote you feel powerful.  That is precisely what you are.  With every choice you make.

And a few poses on election day to give you something to smile at.  Because mostly I vote for him.  And a certain other little blondie.