a dinner club

One lovely night each month I get the opportunity to join around a dozen women for a meal that is as girly as it is hilarious.  Oh it is an event.  I actually shower, wear a dress, clean my fingernails… you know the works.  (How sad!)

We get to laugh at ourselves and each other.  We get to indulge in well deserved and much-needed cool glasses of wine, trips to the restroom alone, meals where each bite is as uninterrupted as the next, and well just partake in all things that people whom are dining with out small children get to do.  It is beyond a treat for me.  It is so utterly wonderful I am willing to drive any length of time to the month’s destination and stay up past ten.  (Again, seriously sad!)  On that long drive home I kept envisioning what we might have been like if we had all been thrown together in high school.   When I picture our younger selves I can’t help but notice it is very clear that we are all cut from different molds.  How refreshing it is to be grown and find joy in the differences rather than seek out another boring me.   The bond of motherhood is stronger than any insignificant difference that could attract or repel a person otherwise.  Shared stories of love and misery are more than enough.

Oh these girls and I laughed like sixty.  Some crazy stories were passed around.  It was simply awesome.  This place is full of southern charm and you know what?  It gets better all the time.

Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the evenings events.  My battery pack needed charging.  Sigh.  Story of my life.  But, another little critter quite enjoyed his evening meal as well!!  Perhaps this random photograph is as intriguing to others as it is to me!  I also had the privilege of viewing a cormorant eat a catfish today.  Lots of tasty meals going on around here.