all is well that ends well

Previous posts concur I do love to cook, bake, and well… eat.  But despite my passion, last night I believe I was the slightest bit over zealous.  You see, when peeking in my refrigerator I happened to notice so much produce in rainbows of glorious colors that were heading out the door any-day now so, immediately my mind began racing on how I could put them together.  Of course it is coming up to the end of the week, menus are slim (I planned poorly this week…ok not at all), and really there was not much left in the dry cupboard.  So, a little bit of this, a little bit of that and quite frankly I thought I was bordering culinary genius.  I was busy daydreaming away what I should call this amazing dish of mine.  Envisioning the joyful smiles of my husband and boys when I presented them with this medley of vegetables.  My concoction consisted of this: a hash of sweet potato, turnip and green onion bottoms layered under chevre grits, topped with sautéed brussel sprout greens with a fresh egg cracked on top baked at 350 until set.  Does this sound amazing?  hmm… maybe not.  But to me it truly did!  That is until I tasted it.

So, in order to remedy this awful supper (which my lovely boys still ate, out of pity I believe) I decided a simple and much sought after dessert was in order.  This boy of mine declares on a daily basis, ever since a trip to his cousins, “Tonight we are going to roast marshmallows.”  While yes, normally high fructose corn syrup is not on the menu, the exception absolutely must be made when it comes to those jet puffed cannons of sugar.  There is no substitution in my mind.

We had been itching to see if an evening fire would shoo those “darnitgnats” (as Miles refers to them as…. we also have a problem with “darnitcowbirds” pretty funny if you ask me).  Turns out, unless you stand straight in the smoke, but who wants to do that, those gnats don’t mind a little heat whatsoever.  They are relentless I tell you.

Here is one to start your weekend off with a good laugh.