a knit for me a knit for you

I may have mentioned once or twice before that although my knitting endeavors are now vast and constant, I had yet to knit something purely for moi.  And well, now?  I have!  A friend of mine sported this particular pattern a few weeks back at a fantastic oyster bake I attended and was lucky enough to meet the maker.  She directed me to this amazing blog and I don’t think I have stopped making them since.  They knit up oh so quickly, with size 15 circulars, and big old super bulky wool.  I even purchased a pair of these needles at this amazing store (which I have visited a total of 3 times in the short week that I have been here already).  I have fallen quite head over heels for these new tools of mine.  Knitters Pride needles are the perfect mix between bamboo and metal.  They make for lovely non-slippery knitting, with the familiar swish swish sound of wood that I love oh so much.  The fancy colors don’t hurt either and they are inexpensive to boot!  My kind of purchase.

IMG_7065 IMG_7066Cowls.  How have I gone so long without one?  My neck is so cozy its embarrassing.