you know i like chicken pie

Oh my goodness… the possibilities of leftover chicken!  I suppose I never put too much thought into what I can do with a leftover meal other than eat leftovers and let me tell you- I have been missing out!  Menu planning will never be the same.  By choosing one meal to use in the next, supper can be simplified and time spent in the kitchen cut in half.  Oh chicken pie how you have inspired me.  

It was so easy.

Saute some onions in butter add a handful of flour cook for a minute

Slowly add about 2 cups of milk and bring to a boil then simmer for about 5 minutes

Add leftover chicken (or any meat) some mustard and spice it up!

I chopped some marjoram i got in my csa this week too.  Yum.

Finally roll out some puff pastry and decorate the top!  brush on a little egg wash too for extra shine

Cook at 400 for about 30 minutes and your in for a treat.

What a crowd pleaser I must say.  And so pretty!  Honestly it was truly delicious.

For the close-up…..

Ahh….nothing like the weather cooling for some good old fashioned comfort food.  Hits the spot on a cold rainy autumn evening.