the men in my life.

As my own dad would point out, this is yet another hallmark created holiday.  Another day where us consumers are urged to go out and buy! Spend! Treat your man how he deserves to be treated, with power tools and new technologies!  Well, I can guarantee I won’t be participating in those types of purchases, but I can say I think this time I will side with hallmark after all.  Those men in our lives deserve to be recognized or remembered.

My own dad has quite an opiniated head on his shoulders, hence the pessimistic belief of certain holidays.  Always has.  But nowadays he seems to be even more outspoken.  He has been known to get into trouble with that brain (and mouth) of his from time to time.  He really doesn’t care what others think.  That is a fact.  He wears black jeans every single day of his life and big old “motorcycle boots” whenever he can.  Not a hot summers day or even a trip to the beach could break that fashion statement.  And then on top of this very consistent uniform (some might venture call it) he happens to voice his opinion on others choices of dress wear too.  Well, fancy that.

But, the truth of the matter is, there are not many decisions out there that I can think of that I wouldn’t want my old mans approval on.  Just short of my outfits that is(although if he likes it he will buy it and a girl can’t complain there now can she).

Yes, over the years, each time a major, or minor, or even very miniscule decision has come across my horizon I bounce it off him.  To see what he thinks.  Because I just respect him.  And I think he is good man.

But most importantly my dad has taught me what it is to be a life long learner.  He has inspired me to always question, keep reading, be informed, and to find the beauty and the joy in every little thing this world has to offer.  He reminds me that you can find humor in just about everything.  This man can laugh like a buddha.  I promise.

I use to love to wake up early in the morning with my dad.  My memory is fuzzy from some of the earliest days so I am not sure if what we listened to was real birds or a radio station that played the sounds of birds.  But either way it was lovely.  I can’t bite into a scone, or stir a sauce without thinking of my old man.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish I lived closer so that I could just plain old invite him over for supper.  Cook for him.  Bake him a cake for no reason at all.  Just because that is something he would do.  Because I can’t I can do the next best thing.  I figure there is nothing more perfect for father’s day than for me and my dad to go out to eat together when we visit this summer.  A little dad and daughter date. It has been so long since I have just gone food shopping with him.  Or headed to the market to buy fish.  Or went for  walk down the docks.  Just me and him.  So maybe you and I could go out for sushi up in providence this summer?  That would be fitting I belive considering your swedish sea hag will not eat the stuff but you and I just do.  (She is not swedish nor a hag, this is a ridiculous joke only funny because my mother is the most stunning woman on the face of this planet).

Once I explained to Lee the highest form of a compliment my father gives to another male is simply stating that he is a good man.  I hear my dad say that about certain people.  Not everyone, just a few.  And you can tell he means it.

I never outright asked him what he thought about Lee when we first got together.  I suppose I didn’t have the nerve.  But truth is I didn’t really have to because my dad just outright told me, “You got a good one riya.  He is a good man.”  And your damn right he is.  The best.

Both of these men would do anything for me.  I can be sure of this.  I feel content in their presence.  I feel honored to call them mine.

Happy Fathers Day