cast off!

The Wonderful Wallaby is complete!  Miles will look so handsome in this i just know it.  I also finished the give a hoot mittens i mentioned previously.  Both turned out lovely and will I will be proud when the wrappings are torn open Christmas day.  Although I am not sure how much a two year old will appreciate a hand knit.  But, he does flaunt his other hand knits from time to time, responding to any compliments with a “mama made it for me”.  Lucky me.

I have done my absolute best to hand craft as many gifts this year as a mama with two tiny babes has time for. (Minus the sweet digital camera for kids we bought for Miles)  I look at the madness of holiday spending and I can honestly say it is not for me and not for my family.  While yes, we may not have sufficient funds to purchase any old thing we wish to, but even if we did I believe I would feel the same exact way.  What is wrong with one or two special gifts from santa and a few from mom and dad?  My boys are showered with toys but I will be completely honest, it is the time spent with caring adults that means the most to them.  “Member mommy” is Miles catch phrase right now and let me tell you  it is never “Member Mommy that … toy?”.  It is member fishing, member poppops motercycle, member the library, member the playground where we rolled down the hill, and many, many more.  (This kid members everything let me tell you)  Not that many of the gifts aren’t completely awesome and from the heart I just believe simple is better for this period of my boys lives.  I know, I know… wait until they are -fill in the blank- years old.  Yes, this may be true I have not yet experienced any age other than one, and two.  And so far, this is what I have come up with.  Regardless, their little (big) stockings will be filled with tiny knits, and arts and crafts, and maybe not that much.  But, I know that they will be thrilled.  Who am I kidding Rowan won’t know Christmas from the fourth of July this year but he will be entertained I am sure.  There.  That is that.