the quietest of mondays


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Since the years longest night, our family has been combined with another in some combination of cousins, grandparents, and friends alike.  We have shared meals, and stories, and traditions.  If I am standing in my truth, I will admit that it hasn’t always been easy.  It has been full of noise, a level even a mama of three boys isn’t use to.  It has been filled with disagreements (no, I want to play set up the craft shop! I don’t want to play pretend! or some other version of the same….).  It has been filled with a massive. amount. of dishes.  More importantly though, it has been filled with a fury of creation from all but the babies, lots of understanding looks and commiserating thoughts, shared recipes and ideas, and the best part of all; Arms wrapped around each other with an unimaginable love.

After the departure of the seasons last guests yesterday, a calm fell over the house. My house.  I know, can you believe it?  It is hard to imagine, and perhaps holds a different meaning around here, but it was here.  I swear.  And perhaps it is even still lingering in the eves…  one can hope?  Crafting items have remained in their respective places long enough to be officially called put away.  Milk will be guzzled in a more manageable every other a day gallon consumption.  And my most favorite part of every departure; my boys are getting along swimmingly.  It seems the time “away” from one another brings on a whole new light for their relationship.  They are currently deep in the forests of make-believe, sharpening arrows and rescuing maidens, needing absolutely nothing from the queen of the manor.  Oh my, it feels so good.

The weather is peaking at a toasty 30 today, with big old flakes poofing down with each gust of wind in the gray, sullen sky.  I am soaking up the memories of the much-anticipated and much enjoyed visits, and in turn breathing in the moments of calm, as we re-stack the structure and rhythm of our typical days.

PS- please note the yellow and black straps on our (big) little Rowans shoulders and give me a virtual high five because this is my best idea to date.  For the weary mama or papa, toting a baby, and not having the strength or balance to hoist up a rather large toddler every few minutes in the snow, have them put on a ski harness!  The handle in the back, gives you the strength of ten women!  It is plain old delightful!