by the flight of a pigeon

In the age of tapped out thoughts on a keyboard, there is nothing quite like a hand written note delivered via snail mail.  A concept so lost in time that the once steady postal service is losing a need in our society.  A habit so deeply loved by all but practiced by few.  A quick email fades in the light of an old fashioned letter.  Choosing your paper, finding that good pen of yours, including a little something perhaps a dried flower or a photograph in the envelope, even the stamp are all enjoyable processes.  Children adore them and I know of no adult who doesn’t get giddy at the sight of a non bill related parcel in their mail box.

Upon making our last move, with a good friend who had a little one my Miles was just smitten over, we decided that we should attempt to make our two pen pals through out the coming years.  Every Tuesday at ten (give or take depending on the other little one’s nap on such day) my little man and I sit down and give the old pen and ink a whirl.  Miles dictates what he would like to tell his girl and I am his scribe.  While at times there is cajoling and encouragement for the task at hand, over all it is a tradition he quite likes.  Of course the illustrations (circles.  lots of circles and occasionally a few lines which he tells me are my big head.  hm.) in our weekly mailings as well.

There have been others.  We write to family.  To old friends.  To each other.  Sometimes, we pick at random.  Look out, you could be next.  So with all the incoming mail signed sealed and delivered to my boy a keepsake case was in order.

Nothing to it.  I have said it before and I will say it again, I am a novice at sewing (to put it lightly) and a poor direction follower.  So I am in no way inclined to include directions or how to.  It is just some thick fabric I purchased at our art schools store with a minimum amount of stitches sewn through.

Recently, a dear friend sent Miles and I each respectively a sweet and thoughtful letter.  Illustrations were not sparse.  Photographs included.  She completed a check list she knew not existed.  Now that is a cool chick.  So, in hopes that she gets the hint, (you know, that we should be pen pals) we made her an upgraded  version of miles keepsake envelope.  This one will hold LOTS of mail.  And it has a button!  Fantastic.

I hope your mailbox is piled with lovely letters today.  Who knows, there could be one from us!  Have a wonderful Weekend!