bandana cowl


I am not sure what has happened lately.  But, suddenly I have found myself with a touch of free time to knit. It could be the inspiration from listening to THIS, or it could be the changing leaves, or it could be THIS awesome lady’s instagram feed, or perhaps its just this little silvery blonde boy is teetering around just a bit more, entertaining himself just a bit longer, allowing me to sit and knit.  Whatever it is, I like it.

IMG_5730 IMG_5729 IMG_5728 cowboy cowl

I just cast off this bandana cowl, which I keep lovingly referring to as my cowboy cowl.  I knit it in the gorgeous malabrigo.  When I learned malabrigo is from Uruguay it made me absolutely giddy.  My husband travels there for work occasionally, and yippee!  I will be dropping some hints in the near future for sure, because as we all know, gifts on the return leg of a long trip help to ease the pain of solo parenting.  Come on now, they just do.

I cast on a new shawl the other night and I am so happy to be knitting again!

inside happenings

It just occurred to me today that while all these snowy pictures are dreamy and stark and fun to look at and to breathe in, I haven’t included much about whats been happening indoors, by my fire, when the children aren’t looking, or hanging on me or awake.  Because really, it has been a whole lot!  And while you are reading this keep in mind that this is what I am choosing to do in lieu of typical household upkeep.  You know, I am okay with very wrinkly laundry that is in a pile in the guest room.  I am okay with wood chippy floors, and sticky tables.  I try to take care of these things occasionally, or in a way that keeps my neck juuuust barely above the my house is teetering on kinda gross level because I really, really love to make things.  It’s true.  I really do.

A new friend (yeah a new friend!) came over the other day and we touched on the oh so important subject of what we do, or what we are trying to do or even just hoping to do, to keep some of our self intact during these very needy days of bearing young children.  This is such an important topic.  It is the root of what grounds me.  For me, it really doesn’t matter the medium.  I love fiber as much as I love ink.  I’ll settle for a batch of lip balm just the same as I would a maple walnut cake (I promise Caitlyn, that recipe is coming soon).   It all settles my soul equally and fully.  You see, I am quite sure whether it be reading a trashy novel, heading to a yoga class, drinking classy beverages, spinning up a skein of yarn, or hey even wiping down the sticky peanut buttery surfaces of your house, all of us humans crave a bit of self in our days.  It’s dangerous thing to ignore.

IMG_5224 IMG_5220 IMG_5217 IMG_4877

If you are curious, I have been knitting up the bonsai socks from this book, spinning lots of cormo blends, listening to this podcast and of course like the rest of the country this podcast.  Occasionally with my ears sunk under a tub full of suds I have been reading a bit of toni… oh toni…, and then a few new-found crafties:  wood carving and block printing!

So what do you do to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground?  

Any grand ideas?  Any little ones that are as sweet as they are simple?  

What works for you?!  I want to know!

knitting at 39 weeks

Almost 39 weeks pregnant now, and I am more pregnant than I have ever been.  It doesn’t seem surprising to me though really, as I have felt a bit content lately, and always thought I would go the “distance” so to speak, this time around. With the weather turned down, just a bit, and the nights cool enough for covers, my spirits and energy have returned. In fact, I am taking advantage of the extra time I have to myself, and I have been waking up very early, much before everyone else for weeks now. A walk in the mist, a few rows of knitting, just me and my coffee and some wool, or a quick batch of bread have been my pleasure.  I know these days will soon meld into sleepy mornings, and not much “extra” will be accomplished, but for now I am taking advantage. Full advantage.


These are both baby surprise sweaters, neither too girly nor masculine (in my opinion), and neither even close to a newborn size (we are having a summer baby after all). This is the perfect mindless sweater pattern if you ask me. I have knitted over a dozen, and I am never, ever disappointed.  I am promising myself to move on though for there are other limbs to cover on my three sweet children when the weather turns gray.

Here is to another morning to myself, one in which I started blueberry butter and walked in the garden with a cup of percolated coffee while plucking bolted lettuce for all our hens (That is right… NO MORE ROOSTERS! Whew… glad that is over with).  Because truth be told when noon time hits this energy of mine sputters out and I am grateful for two boys who like to play together outdoors, giving me much some much-needed rest.

PS- For all my friends and family please, please don’t ask me if I have had the baby yet.  It is driving me insane.  Sorry if this sounds rude of me to say, it very well might be.



something green for baby

I’ll always remember this pregnancy as the one when I ate snow as a method of survival in the first few months, as the one in which our house flooded and we learned to cozy up in one room for the duration of the longest winter of my life, the one where we picked out our new home, our forever home, and moved in during a late, deep snow storm, snow drifts over our heads, and finally as the one where the color green showed up in such hues it made (and still does make) me tear up at the sight of it.  I have spoken of, posted about, gathered up, and breathed in so much green this spring and summer it feels this baby must crave it the same way I do.  It is uncontrollable.

IMG_2282 IMG_2278 IMG_2277 IMG_2271 IMG_2267 IMG_2265 IMG_2251 IMG_2250 IMG_2213

It’s fitting that the bracelet I am wearing, from the blessingway a few weekends ago, is a just turned green looking yarn.  It is sensible that we don’t know if this little babe is a boy or a girl; As green seems to be a neutral color of choice.  And it only made sense that I would knit this little one a sweet something soft to be wrapped in, in a mossy green merino.  This blanket is the Northport baby blanket from the most recent issue of Taproot magazine, knitted in Cascade’s Elysian Paradise Fiber.   It knits up very quickly.  I recommend placing stitch markers for each wave, for after two frogging lessons in the first few repeats of the pattern, I got smart, placed on the markers, and never had to frog again.

IMG_2285 IMG_2286

Though I feel like there is still so much to do before the big day arrives, things are coming together.  I am waiting for that great push of energy at the end that will help me set up this nest properly.  But for now, I am placing this sweet blanket in the bassinet thinking about the day I will get to wrap a sweet little body in it.

rain, a welcome sound

A few days swimming in the fresh water…

IMG_1996 IMG_1959 IMG_1952 IMG_1948 IMG_1942


and a rainy day is welcome.

I declare today a prepare for baby sort of day.  Washing clothes, home birth supply pick up, car seat ordering (oh to fit three car seats in the outback is truly a game of tetris), and knitting.  Of course the knitting!  I don’t intend on making too many items for this summer babe, but of course can’t help but want to have the staples regardless of the rising temperatures.


So much to do.  But really, the third time around my list has dwindled.  Both the want for all the gear and the need to go get it.  I own the slings and wraps, my diaper stash is full, and clothes… well a summer babe hardly needs them, but even those are here and only in need of a quick wash.  I still have that ticking feeling in the back of my head that something has to be done!  But what?  I really don’t know.

Oh Rain, you’re a welcome sound.