little blue up-cycled leggings

IMG_7563 IMG_7564

I am not an expert.  There are probably thousands of excellent tutorials you could scrounge up that would be much better than what I would put out, so I will spare you.  Besides they are crooked.  But I will dare you to find a cuter belly that they are snuggly fit around.  That, my friends, would be impossible.

These pants are as cozy as they are fancy.  For they are pure cashmere.  Oh yes, I was able to score a cashmere sweater at the old thrift store and slice and dice and stitch until I got these.  I dare say they are beyond adorable.

I am not sure the soaking ability of cashmere, and I don’t intend to find out.  So, these will not serve as a diaper cover for overnights, these will remain just lounging pants.  Who am I kidding, if these boys wanted to wear them to the Taj Mahal I would abide.  Truly though they are too little yet to care for the particulars of their outfits so, it would only be mama to blame if they were underdressed for such an occasion.

Give it a go!  Make some clothes.  I have little to no background in sewing, and not even the time or patience for irons or patterns.  So if with these skills I can complete such sweet adorable outcomes, than it is clear, anyone can!  And stitching up something you yourself or your loved ones can wear is pretty rad I must say.  The feeling of accomplishment, of something from nothing, is awesome.  You can be sure ten thousand other people are not walking around in blue cashmere leggings, and as far as I am concerned that is a win right there.

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