a big city kind of day

We may live in the boonies relatively speaking but we do live next to a very cultured and particularly interesting city full of fun things to do any day you please.  Never ever a dull moment.  Being that I am possibly the luckiest woman in the world, my sweet other half allowed me to sleep in until the lazy hour of eight… eight!  Well once I finally got my lazy behind moving, we rushed out of the house to an adventure at the local college’s aquarium and education center.  It was fantastic!

Just the right amount of exhibits for a two-year old.  Just the right amount of bathrooms strategically placed along the way for that same two-year old to use (it is his official second outing commando, yup commando).  A lovely trail with docks and boats complete, and a touch tank chock full of crabs of the hermit, spider and horse shoe variety entertained us all morning.

We opted for a late lunch sans nap time, where we happened to be the only customers in the joint.  What luck!  And to top off our meal we happened upon a cupcake shop where we each (minus the littlest one amongst us of course) dined on famous cupcakes!  Mabel oh Mabel, you do it right!  This store only sold cupcakes.  Not a single other item.  This shop was perfection.  This buttercream was beyond perfection.  I so do wish I had that recipe.  It was just the right amount of sweet and somehow did not feel heavy whatsoever like most buttercreams do.

We then galavanted around the town seeing the sights and occasionally when our boys temperaments allowed quickly sneaking a peek inside a few shops.  Something about living in the country is just plain old more appealing to me, but oh my is it a nice change to be near by to such a place as this historic southern city.  We scoped out future date spots and possible restaurants to take family and friends to when they get a chance to fly south.  We admired big shiny buildings and dark skinny alleyways alike.  Music playing in squares and folks hard on their luck selling sweet grass roses reminded us that we are so very far from our past northern address.  While moving certainly has it’s difficult points, it is so refreshing to see a change of scenery.

All three boys and this here lady are in agreement.  We like our new home quite a bit.

And not to worry, I have not given up on my new year’s resolution.  She is on her second rise as we speak.  It is going to be a late night!