full stomachs, collaborative art, some clay and an empty box.

Oh my we feasted last night.  Try this on: roasted chicken goat cheese and dill pie from this book, cauliflower puree and cinnamon scrolls (better known as buns I suppose).

Oh yes, so very satisfying.  

Miles has recently become a very adventurous eater and very proud to announce it as well.  “I tried that Mama and I liked it!”  I know, I know, it could all change at the drop of a hat, but for now those words are music to this cook’s ears.

After a breakfast of yet a few more scrolls we were elbow deep in artwork.  Miles was on a wild art spree from the moment he opened his big blue eyes this morning!  We painted rocks, we painted faces (not with my permission I may add), and we painted styrofoam.  This ended up being a really nice project.  With Miles being more concerned with the mess than I at this point, he directed me outside for this painting activity where we used the packaging that was for my new and awesome ice cream maker attachment.  Thank you Tristan and Ana!  More to come on that adventure I am sure.  It serves as the perfect little frame for a “Leo” cat drawing my mama sent to us a while back.

It accents one of our “home made walls” very nicely as well I believe.

Then on to clay.  While I do enjoy clay quite a bit, this recipe was just off.

What ended up working was this:

  • 2 cups of salt boiled with 2/3 cup of water.
  • Mix it with 2 cups of cornstarch that is saturated with 1/3 cup of water.
  • Wait until it is cool, then mix it all up.  If it is still too wet simply add a little bit more cornstarch.

just making pizza

And finally for a moments rant.  I apologize in advance but oh my, this made me sad this morning:

For weeks I hear about the “this, that and the other” that will be neatly tucked into a box and shipped to our little home.  Whether that home is near or far for the last 11 years I have been receiving the most thoughtful packages that makes living far away from my lovely mama and dad that much easier.  Sometimes every item is just for me, sometimes it is just for the boys, sometimes it is all toys, or all books, or whatever, but it is always so delightful to hear that distinct  “Plop” on the front porch signifying the mail carrier has just dropped off a little bit of love from someone far away.

Today was such a day.  We just arrived back from a wagon ride down the “sandy road”, so it has been deemed, to find a box awaiting us.  Miles and I could not contain our excitement.  We tore and twisted (I never do have the patience to just go grab scissors or a knife and I simply peel and pull that tape with all my might) until the box came open.  Inside was some sturdy dish towels, a card, and well…some empty boxes.  Empty boxes?  Really?  My first instinct was that perhaps my mom just used it for packaging?  I had a funny feeling about it really but I gave her a call to thank her and let her know we got it.

Sadly, she was just as confused as I and we soon pieced together the puzzle and  discovered that indeed someone had tampered with the package and stolen the contents.  A little wooden car, some nesting blocks, a few books, and a few shirts for me.  Someone needed these items so desperately they decided they must steal them.  What that must feel like?  Were they nervous?  Did they do it in plain view?  Or did they go to a nearby bathroom and tear it open?  Did they take others packages as well?  Did they not have anything to give some child for their birthday?  They wanted to sell them?  I don’t know.  Whenever someone steals from you it gives you an uneasy feeling that makes your stomach sort of ache.  Luckily Miles did not catch on and his disappointment was minimal.  My poor boy, last year someone stole his wagon.  The funny thing is, I am the kind of person who probably would have just given them some toys if they had just asked.

Well, here is to the fella that decided to steal, may your fingers be swift and tape be sticky because what you did is a federal offense and could end up putting you in jail for three years.  All for a little old navy and a few toys.

Sorry this post is unusual.  I just can’t get it out of my mind.

And, thank goodness it is nap time because that was quite a full morning.