bread #24 Pain de Campagne

I am sorry in advance.  I have been procratinating typing up this post the whole week because there were so very many steps to this bread that I am afraid I didn’t feel like typing them up.  The good news is its from this book, written by Mr. Reinhart, aka the bread genious of our time (dubbed by me).

While I picked this one just particularly for a few recipes that needed a nice crusty loaf and it most certainly served its purpose, I believe I am at a turning point.  A point which I absolutely need a baking stone.  This bread would have been a million times better had I not just used a sheet tray.

Despite the crispy exterior and color and well general look of the loaf, it was quite satisfying in flavor.  It has a bit of rye flour which gives it a grainy hearty texture that I like.  It was also fun to make a loaf that requires so much time and effort.  It is all about the anticipation.

A ricotta and parsley pesto topped with mushrooms