something so right

The combination of old friend and new joined my world together this past weeks end.  It was just the duo to warm a wary moving mama’s soul.  A visit from the sweetest neighbor anyone, and I mean anyone could ask for; A lady full of casual advice on parenting that comes only in the form of full recognition and demonstration; A lady my boys have fallen head over heels for.

and who could blame them really?  

IMG_3016 IMG_2969 IMG_2979 IMG_2949

We took her to all our favorite spots.  You know, the ones we have found in the whole week we have been here.  There was no bird show at VINS at the “after nap hour” we arrived so we made do with our own show…

IMG_3043 IMG_3033 IMG_3030 IMG_3034 IMG_3036 IMG_3025 IMG_3037

Billings Farm was a delicious choice.  Over a dozen local cheese vendors were sampling out their goods and we stuffed ourselves happy.  

IMG_2992 IMG_2991

And then another mama met through a mutual friend from long ago, with two sweet babies, an insect expert of a husband and two perfectly wonderful neighbors herself.  I came bearing gifts of barley salad, roasted garlicy popovers (I swear I outdid myself on this one:) and kombucha (though her bubbly concoction put mine to shame but now… now, I have the tools to improve!) and left with a bag full of organic greenhouse tomatoes and so much rhubarb I could hardly squish all those sweet tart stalks into our refrigerator.

IMG_3052 IMG_3051 IMG_3063 IMG_3065

Oh the trouble with moving isn’t the packing, or the boxes, or the uncertainty of where you will live.  It is the loneliness of a new location where you know now a soul.  I believe this go at it, we will get to avoid that whole troublesome part.  Seems there has not been a speck of it to be found.