the rainbow connection

IMG_4031 IMG_4039What?  You have never made a smily face with kefir grains and a scoby?  Come on… live a little!!!!

This weekend marked the first meeting of the vermont chapter of the fermentation club!!!  It was pretty much awesome.  For all involved.


getting ready for the snow season

And I now have a counter full of the good bubbly stuff.  It is making me feel like quite the scientist and I so do love it.  Oh oh!  I even made orange and strawberry kombucha popsicles today.  Yes, I went there.  And I assure you it was worth it.


And when a party ends with this you know its been good.  I mean lets be real, a whole bunch of hippies fermenting food under a rainbow?  Its a thing of beauty I tell you.  A thing of real beauty.